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Eat Cake Book Review

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Eat Cake
A Book Analysis
Erica Grossman
University of Florida

This paper analyses the novel Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray and how the characters in the novel use a variety of occupations to deal with complex life issues as well as every-day challenges. The relationship between health and the use of occupations is explored and examples from the novel are used throughout to support the link between health and wellbeing, and occupation. This paper also explores the different sociocultural views of “occupation” and how these relate to the characters in the novel.

Eat Cake: A Book Analysis In the novel Eat Cake, Jeanne Ray cleverly and humorously captures the day-to-day issues of one family’s life during a couple of trying months. Ray develops and describes each character in such a way that one can identify with each character and his or her struggles. The story is centered on Ruth Hopson whose roles are those of wife, mother, and daughter. We also meet her recently unemployed husband Sam, teenage daughter Camille, her mother Hollis, her estranged father Guy Nash, and Guy’s occupational therapist, Florence Allen. Ray describes how each character utilizes everyday occupations to help each deal with the stresses and challenges that life brings their way. Ever since childhood, Ruth has found the baking of cakes to be an extremely soothing and stress relieving activity and as such she occupies herself daily with baking cakes. She constantly bakes cakes for her family but her family does not seem to appreciate her for it. They do, however, recognize that Ruth is extremely talented at baking and creating wonderfully tasting cakes and often compliment her about it. Compliments also come from each person who is lucky enough to taste one of Ruth’s cakes....

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