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Eating Meat Morally Permissible

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Brittney DeBaugh
May 13, 2013 Is Eating Meat Morally Permissible? It has been argued that meat has high sources of energy, minerals, and proteins in the human diet. It is rich in proteins which have shown to have a high energy unit as compared to other food types. Proponents of meat consumption support its consumption as it has a greater nutritional value and is good to the test buds. Apart from the nutritional reasons, it is also thought meat consumption maintains the ecosystem at equilibrium. If meat consumption was to stop, it is thought that animals like cattle, sheep, goats and poultry will multiply to levels that are ecological disastrous. As most of these animals are herbivorous, their uncontrolled increase would exert extreme pressure on vegetation. This may cause wanton destruction to vegetation that may destabilize the ecosystem. In as much as these arguments appear logical and plausible, they still do not give any moral permissibility of eating meat. Just like any reason in support of unacceptable practice, proponents of eating meat do not give any solid ethical justification why humans should continue killing animals to please their test buds. There is no moral justification whatsoever to rationalize the eating of meat. Meat is said to contain some very essential nutrients that may not be found in plants and vegetable. This is however no moral justification of killing animals to obtain meat yet there are more reliable sources of proteins and vitamins. It appears that human nature is feeding on animals mainly for gustatory pleasure. As there are vegetables and fruits that can adequately supply human beings with the required food nutrients, there is no justification whatsoever for man to continue killing animals as this inflicts pain to animals (Matheny 510). Killing animals also deprives them of their right to life. Most animals...

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