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Eating Habits
According to Dr. Veugelers Students who ate an adequate amount of fruit, vegetables, protein, fiber and other components of a healthy diet were significantly less likely to fail a literacy test. While a healthy diet is generally assumed to be important for good school performance, there has actually been little research on this topic, Veugelers and his colleagues note. To investigate, they looked at 850 college students participating in the Students’ Lifestyle and School-performance Study, 475 (19.1 percent) of whom had failed a literacy assessment.
The better a student's eating habits based on several measures of diet quality, including adequacy and variety, the less likely he or she was to have failed the test, the researchers found, even after they adjusted the data for the effects of parental income and education, school, and sex. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, and getting fewer calories from fat, was also associated with a lower risk of failing the test.
Source: Dr. Paul J. Veugelers of the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Journal of School Health, April 2008.
According to Monique Barb (2008), that there are lots of young people are observant in the new products on the market. People don’t choose the food by its taste but by commercial. Because of the commercialized products we cannot focus on what to buy because people are attracted to it. They don’t care about much of the content and having a healthy body is having a good academic performance.
Source: Barb, Monique (2007), Healthy food is not young people's favorite Retrieved February 20, 2007 from
Academic performance
According to D. T. Smart, C. A. Kelley, & J. S. Conant, (1999), college students are less prepared for college-level work than their predecessors. Once they get to college, they...

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