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Eating Sisorders

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Eating Disorders, Media Related?
Fashion and media portrayals the ideal body image, an ultra thin model presented as the norm for beauty in advertisements. Many researchers hypothesized that the media may play a central role in creating and intensifying the phenomenon of body dissatisfaction, loss of self esteem and consequently, may be partly responsible for the increase in the prevalence of behavioral eating disorders.
For the past years, researches have been conducted on the relationship between the thin beauty presnted in the media and the perception of one's actual body image. Studies have reported a significant change in the weight and size of female models portrayed throughout the media in western society. The cultural ideal woman body size and shape has become thinner and leaner, Katzmarzyk and Davis conducted a study which examined the changes in the body weight and shape of Playboy centerfolds over two decades (1978-1998). They found that there was a significant decrease in the measurements; 75% of women were 85% under their ideal body weight. Research has shown that as commercials for diet foods and diet products have increased the body sizes of Playboy centerfolds, fashion models and female actresses have decreased, while the weight of the average North American woman has increased. The confirmation that exposure to media images of women and the pressure from the media to be thin negatively affects body image and emotional well-being, has led researchers to evaluate factors that may lead some girls and women to be more vulnerable to the messages and images portrayed in the media.
Why many girls and young women are dissatisfied with their body image regardless of size? One very possible answer is the growing interest at the thin ideal dominating in the media; another possible answer is the surrounding social environment family and friends. Body image...

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