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Eating Sugar Research Paper

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If you think it's sweet what sugar does for your taste buds, you need to find out what else sugar does for the rest of your body. Sugar may be the prime reason for today's premature deaths and chronic diseases in our bodies.

In 2009, 50 percent of all Americans ate more than one-half pound of sugar daily or 180 pounds on an annual basis. Much of it beginning since infancy when sugars are added to many baby food products.

That said, our article below covers 11 of the myriad of adverse results of eating sugar in any form. They include:

1- Toxicity
2- Diabetic predisposition
3- Heart disease predisposition
4- Insulin resistance
5- Alzheimer precursor
6- "Feel-good" deception
7- Increases hunger
8- Sleep-sugar crashes
9- Develops depression
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Perlmutter has related Alzheimer disease as being predicated on lifestyle choices that promote insulin resistance and raises the risk of Alzheimer.(5)

"Feel-Good" Deception

Just like street drugs, sugar triggers our brain's pleasure center. Chemicals result that are known as opioids and dopamine. After a while, a sugar tolerance is reached, and more sugar is needed to "feel good."

Increases Hunger

Wait just 30 minutes after consuming a sugary treat, and your body will still feel

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