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Eattng Disodrs

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Over the years the specific cause of eating disorders have yet to be determined. A sensitive topic usually linked with women has been connected to medical conditions and issues in their daily lives. Studies has shown the rise and growth of eating disorders in men over the past decade. As I researched this topic I wanted to understand the factors that could possibly trigger these eating disorders and understand the specific disorders that exist amongst the many people in the world. My initial thoughts were people suffering with self esteem issues and cultural identity usually suffers with this issue. It's possible that modern day society and pressure to fit a particular body type has caused this medical issue. The issue that raises my concern is the possibility of death if the disorder becomes severe and uncontrollable. Although this eating disorders are fully understood, they are linked with genetics, personality and anxiety disorders. Eating disorders are defined as abnormal eating habit either excessively or insufficient that takes a toll on an persons physical or mental health. Studies has found that eating disorders start in the adolescent stages as many feel self conscious about their bodies as they go through puberty and physical changes as their body develops. These disorders are known as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa that conflicts daily body functions and activities. Individuals that attempts to diet and exercise to maintain low body weight suffers from the anorexia disorder. These individuals intake of calories are extremely low as their obsession of food intake is carefully watched. Their characteristics are usually recognizable as their bodies are extremely thin. Bulimia is defined as those individuals who has habits of in taking a larger consumption of food which causes the increasing volumes of weight. The characteristics of these individuals...

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