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Ebsk Field Trip

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Customer Service
Customer service is an integral part of any business establishment. It is about providing “Service” that more than meets the needs of the customer. In order for businesses to be successful, customer service must be an integral part of the overall business model.
Your task:
Visit a bank to simulate an enquiry about any retail banking service available and observe the service process. Please record your observations below.
|Name of the Service Provider (Staff serving you and name of the bank) |
|POSB, Ms. Razwani / Raswani |
|Did you have any perception of the service provider (retail bank) before you experienced the service? Describe this perception. |
|I always had this perception that POSB service staffs were quite unapproachable since they always display an expressionless face and |
|seem like they were very bored and tired. |
|Describe your service experience? (You may want to consider staff attentiveness; attention to detail; the environment and its |
|presentation etc.) |
|The staff was very polite and attentive to my questions and needs. She was also knowledgeable in the...

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