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Ebus308 E-Business Plan

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EBUS308-1402A-01: Introduction to e-Business
Zumba Fitness E-Commerce Business Plan
Brittany Lattimore
11 May 2014

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Mission Statement 3 Company Summary 3 Business Model 4 Stakeholders 6 Supply Chain Management Plan 7 Supply Chain Management System 7 Procurement Process Product Flow 8 Coordination Activities in the Product Procurement Process 9 Information Flow in the Supply Chain 9 Financial Flow in the Supply Chain 10 Customer Relationship Management Plan 12 Customer Touch Points 12 Customer Profile 14 Customer Satisfaction and How it’s Measured 15 Internet Branding and Marketing Plan 17 Market Analysis Summary 17 Brand Strategy 18 Customer Engagement Plan 19 Technologies Used 20 Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) Analysis 21 Performance Metrics 22 Data and Information Management Plan 24 Data and Information Collected 24 How the Data and Information Will Be Used 24 Policies and Procedures That Protect Customer Information 25 References 28

Executive Summary
Mission Statement
Zumba Fitness is a business that is dedicated to helping people all around the world lose weight and reach their fitness goals in a different way. Our mission is to provide fun, yet challenging exercise routines and programs that will kick start that motivation to get moving without the dread of going to the gym or running several miles. We encourage everyone to make their workouts as hard or as easy as necessary so that they won’t seem like a burden, but an enjoyable and engaging way to burn calories and enjoy exercising on their own or with friends.
Company Summary
Zumba Fitness will cater to people of all races, ages, and genders, in order to provide exercise programs that will fit their lifestyles and needs. On our website, customers will be able to order DVDs, video games, clothing and…...

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