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ECE WK 3 D2 Standard 1 (welcoming all families into the school community) is quite essential for student success because of the interactions among the students, the parents, and some other people, all of whom they set the tone for everything. Parents get into the school involvement whenever they are greeted warmly and treated with some respect in the school. This standard is essential because of two main goals, which involves creating a welcoming climate and also it helps in building some respectful and inclusive school community. This standard can be incorporated into such school programs as playing times, school meal programs and also child development programs. Standard 2 (communicating effectively) are quite essential for student success because it creates some regular opportunities for open and also honest dialogue. The parents will be quite updated on significant issues, and such will make it easy to communicate with principal, teachers and some other staff on the student’s progress. School programs to incorporate this standard involve school meetings with the parents, surveying families and having school email systems. The two standards should be the basis for all early childhood programs as it helps in bonding all the stakeholders of the school and it improves the success of the student. It benefits students as their parents will encourage them depending on what the school teachers inform them, and also it promotes dialogue between teachers, students and families.

Wardle, F. (2013). Introduction to early childhood education: A multidimensional approach to child-centered care and learning. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

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