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Ece201 Functional Behavior Support Plan

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Week 3 – Functional Behavioral Assessment Short Paper
Instructor: Hasan
ECE 201: Introduction to Early Childhood Behavior Management
Kimberly Godwin
October 21, 2013

Challenging behavior derives from several of reasons. Gathering information to understand the behavior of children helps guide the child with appropriate behavior. Proper guidance can capture a solution to resolve the challenging behavior. I have been gathering information on different ways to diagnose and find solutions through different methods, which I intend to share.
They are two strategies developed by behavioral psychologist to understand a child’s challenging behavior (FBA) Functional Behavior Assessment and (PBS) Positive Behavioral Support. These two strategies are to discover what is triggering the behavior, where the child is receiving the behavior from, and find a solution to replace the negative behavior with a more positive behavior. Collecting data to figure out the problems would be discussed and reviewed with the support team. When you do this you can collaborate to find the cause of the behavior challenges and find out perspectives of why they believe the child behaves this way, and what could be done as a teacher to help the child’s goal towards better behavior. Identifying the behavioral problem, figuring out a solution, finding the functions of the problem. Asking question about the environment that the child grew up in and currently living in. Once you have found all the problems needed to be found, you then would have to create a behavior support plan. Teachers using the assessment tool called A-B-C, it helps to separate the main areas needed to solve the problem so you can observe the details a little better. A-B-C stands for Antecedent Behavior Consequence “Chart offers opportunities to note the setting, time and frequency behaviors occur, what happened just before…...

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