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Video Clips
*Bubble spoof- yung part po na nakatayo pong sumasayaw na parang pagirl tsaka yung parang robotic na dance niya.
*Dance (Direct:J, Prod:C, Prod M:R)- yung booty me down po na parang nagshe-shake yung paa niya
*Kelvinator- El hombre part na parang BRRRRR
*Gentlemen- yung donut part po
*Gisingin ang puso- short video clip lang din po, pwede na yung nasa cr na parang umiinom siya ng Lysol tsaka yung baril/lighter
*Wala lang - maikling dance lang po niya, pwede na yung sa chorus part
*Unexpected love- yung parang nambabastos po sila ng girl
*Rens Door trick- short video clip lang din po.

**Tapos kung may alam pa po kayong video niya na nakakatawa yung parang bloopers pakisama nalang din po
**May video din po ba kayo nung nanalo siya ng best director? Kung meron po pwedeng pasama din yung part na na-award siya
**Kung may nilagay po ako ditto na sa tingin niyo di bagay sa gagawing video, okay lang din po kung aalisin niyo


1. McquANA Production (:D) | 2. Few pictures of Rens (Fast) | 3. Video clips of Rens | 4. Greetings from friends | 5. Part ko po Parang sasabihin ko lang “Hi Rens! Yun lang babye.” Tapos bigla na pong mawawala ng 3 to 5 seconds. Kung baga magbablack na tapossss… | 6. Bigla pong babalik ako na parang joke lang na hindi pa ko tapos magsalita. Then yung totoong message nap o. | 7. Happy Birthday song na iba ibang tao kumakanta sa ibat ibang part po. | 8. Collage type ng ibat ibang tao na naggi-greet ng “HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENSSSS! ” |

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...Trinity Mirror Regionals to become partner of Google’s AdWords campaign TRINITY Mirror Regionals (TMR), publisher of the Liverpool ECHO, has announced it has become the first newspaper group to become a Premier SME Partner of Google’s AdWords advertising programme in the UK. It means TMR will sell a range of AdWords account management services from account setup and activation to ongoing campaign maintenance and optimisation, allowing them to use online advertising as a cost effective way to find and target new customers. Tariq Janmohamed, head of the Partner Programme for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “The Programme was created to help small-and medium-sized businesses who don’t have the time or resources to manage their advertising campaigns.” TMR managing director digital marketing services, Phil Machray, added: “This further broadens our offering of marketing services to local advertisers.” Trinity Mirror invests for future and increases savings MEDIA group Trinity Mirror today said it was investing for future growth while increasing cost savings by £10m to maximise short-term profits. The group, which includes the Liverpool Daily Post and Liverpool ECHO titles, was reporting half year results to July 3. Total sales fell slightly from £382.2m to £371m, while pre-tax profits were £41.9m against £50.4m. Chief executive Sly Bailey said she had undertaken a series of actions to limit the impact on group operating profits. MEDIA group......

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