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The Economic Times Title : Slow Flooding Smile guru speak BE AS THY PRESENCE Author : Location : Article Date : 07/04/2014 How to make an impression on everyone you meet by Leil Lowndes Your image matters. However, one of the most important things to remember is that while your image is important, people care more about how you think about them. You can have a marvellous image but if you don't show any warmth towards them, people aren't going to like you too much. When it comes to your image, the basic things matter the most. Having a good posture, holding your body up and your head in a kind of upwards position chin parallel to the your floorare all important. You don't want to be looking down your nose at somebody but do want to keep your head up. It's also important to smile, but it's not a good idea to smile too quickly. You want people to feel that your smile is genuine and for them, and I advocate what I call the Flooding Smile. You look at the person and slowly let a warm smile of genuineness come over your face. People who are prestigious don't fidget with their hands, rather, have strong controlled movements, including a strong handshake. Things like touching your face, crossing your hands or holding things (like a notebook) in front of you are like subliminally hiding behind something. Try this trick I call the Old Friend. When you meet someone, if you look at them and really feel like that person is an old friend you haven't seen in a while a natural warmth comes over you. We tend to stand away from people we don't like or are in awe of. By leaning towards them, you send a message that you aren't afraid of them and they are more likely to respect you for that. It's equally important to show great interest in the other person by asking questions about themselves. Try Cherry Picking up on words they say and ask them pick about that particular thing People also tend to remember you better if you pay them a compliment, but remember to pay a specific and not an obsequious compliment. This again is a sign of confidence as only people who are confident about themselves tend to pay others compliments. How you speak also contributes in a large manner to how people perceive you. If you are speaking to someone in a language that they aren't comfortable with, slow down. Try and speak slowly and clearly; people who are nervous tend to talk fast, making it harder for people to follow what they are say ing. . It will allow them to understand what you are saying, and people can't respect you unless they understand you. CD The author is a communications expert who specialises in the subconscious interactions that take place in all interpersonal com munications. She's authored 10 best-selling books on the subject including How to Talk to Anyone and How to Be a People Magnet . (As told to Priyanka Sangani) THE SOFTEN WAY S: Slow flooding smile: Let your smile gradually spread across your face O: Open body language: Don't obstruct your face or body F: Forward lean: Shows that you are confident and not afraid of the other person T: Touch: Be subtle and careful with this, n but can be a great sign of confidence w E: Energy Level: Being dynamic and et enunciating your words, not speaking in a monotone i) N: Nodding: Not a constant nod, but nodding occasionally to say `yes, I got it.'

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