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Eco Tourism & Climate Change

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Why being eco friendly is essential. One of the most controversial topics and recent debates has been global warming and climate change. Everyone from researchers, scientist, experts, tourist, and the average person has studied the issue and has shared their opinions on this hot debate. Climate change is one of the biggest adversities our world has faced in the past, present, and future. One of the most common trends is that our climate is being affected by our human activity. Our human activity is causing our atmosphere to increase in temperature. Which causes the rising sea levels, the melting of ice and snow, and the overall substantial worldwide climate change. I urge each and one of you to pay close attention and see what you can do to help. Our atmosphere is getting hotter and hotter and it is starting to run a fever. Instead of treating our atmosphere and cooling it down, humankind is throwing blanket after blanket on our atmosphere and only making it warmer. These so called blankets are called green house gases. The common view from scientist and researchers is that greenhouse gases have caused most of the temperature increase in our atmosphere. Where the problem lies is that humankind is producing these greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are gases in our atmosphere that absorbs and releases radiation. The main gases in the earth’s atmosphere are carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and nitrous oxide. These gases with out a doubt affect the earth’s temperature day in and day out. The fact is, with out these greenhouse gases the earth would be a much colder place so these gases equal our planet out. The only problem is we are overusing these gases and causing our atmosphere to get warmer day by day. This is a dire problem that not only our nation needs to address, but also our world. Overusing these gases has created a problem. A problem that...

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