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Eco372 Week 4 Reflection

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Week Four Reflection Summary

November 5, 2012
University of Phoenix

Week Four Reflection Summary
In week four, Team D—Joe, Beverly, Kevin, and Rachel—learned about deficits, surpluses, and debt in relation to the macroeconomic health of the United States. The group as a was very comfortable with the discussion of the week while learning new information about the health of the economy. The following is a summary of what the team learned in regard to deficits, surpluses, debt, and the health of the economy.
Budget Deficits
Budget deficits occur when government expenditures exceed the amount of revenue coming into the economy through income and taxes. A deficit is a summary of how the economy measures the state of using and accounting procedures. Since World War II, the United States government has run a large amount of deficits, as opposed to surpluses. A deficit can be good or bad, depending on the specific condition of the economy.
When the government runs a budget deficit, the goal is to improve the economy. When the economy is not progressing at a rate the country expects, the government will spend money to help stimulate economic growth. If the government spends money to improve revenue for the long-term, both the government and society benefit by the added debt. A budget deficit can help businesses create more jobs to limit the amount of unemployment and improve consumer income. The debts accumulated may be the result of spending on worthwhile projects like road repair or important services like education. The government is also spending to establish programs for the longevity of the nation.
On the other hand, a budget deficit can have a negative effect on the economy. A budget deficit will result in increased debt. When the debt increases, the government will increase taxes. If the taxes are a higher amount than business owners can afford, the...

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