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Ecolife Vietnam - Overview


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Company Overview
Established on September 13th 2010, ECOLIFE is a limited liability company registered under the Enterprise Law of Vietnam. ECOLIFE defines itself as a pioneering eco-tourism social enterprise with the missions of promoting the protection of the marine environment and creating new, sustainable livelihoods for local people in the coastal provinces of Vietnam through eco-tourism services with community involvements (Tran, 2012). Initial testing of the business model in the Red River Delta indicated a right direction.

Service Overview
Up to now, ECOLIFE has been providing four main services to different types of customers (Tran, 2012).
- Community-based Eco-tourism Tours:
ECOLIFE provides tourists with interesting first-hand experience at a variety of coastal villages, national parks, and marine reserves in Vietnam. Local community participation is apparent in all endeavors as local residents are willing to share their views and take part in all activities, projects, decision–making processes, profit-sharing plans and other issues related to the eco-tourism development process. The tours’ lengths and contents are highly adjustable – ranging from “Countryside sightseeing”, to “One day as a fisherman”, and “Ramsar discovery” etc. – in order to best meet customer’ wants and needs.
- Eco-volunteering:
ECOLIFE is one of the earliest enterprises in Vietnam to offer eco-volunteering services with many different coastal community development programs that environmental volunteers can participate in, such as cleaning up wildlife habitats, running workshops in climate change, teaching foreign languages etc. Volunteering in either a short-term project (4 to 10 days) or a long-term one (over 10 days), customers can work side-by-side with locals while immersing in the local culture.
- LifeSkills Training Program:
The program enhances the

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