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1. The ecological niche of an organism includes its habitat. T/F 2. Every organism within a species has the same ability to acclimate, since this trait is genetically determined. T/F 3. The proximate cause of an observation is its true root explanation. T/F 4. A species’ realized niche is usually larger than its fundamental niche. T/F 5. It’s believed that true learning intelligence (as opposed to mere instinct) is most likely to develop in response to highly consistent and predictable situations that are encountered frequently. 6. The ecological envelope of a species is the catalog of conditions it is known to live under. T/F 7. One reason Atolla jellies do bioluminescence is to scare away giant squid. T/F 8. The tolerance limits of the young of a species are often more narrow than the tolerance limits of the adults of the species. T/F 9. The process of speciation is always caused by selective pressures. T/F 10. When estimating the mean value for some characteristic of a population, one way to increase the accuracy of the estimate is to increase the number of individuals sampled from the population. T/F 11. A parameter is measured for a sample in order to estimate the corresponding statistic for the population. T/F 12. Mutations increase genetic diversity, while natural selection decrease genetic diversity. T/F 13. One drawback to being a highly social or communal species is that resources must be shared and may be depleted. T/F 14. Senescence refers to a social system in which a dominant member of the population controls access to resources. T/F 15. The most common mating system in nature is promiscuity. T/F 16. In growing populations the base of the age pyramid will be narrow compared to the top of the age pyramid. T/F 17. Interspecific competition can lead to extinction. T/F 18. Cryptic coloration is an adaptation that arises due to selective pressures caused by other members (species) of the biological community. T/F 19. Primary producers form the base of the food web because they are the organism that first convert carbon compounds into a form that can be used by consumers. T/F 20. At a practical level, all species in a biological community are equally important to the community’s function. T/F 21. Detritivores feed at more than one trophic level. T/F 22. When ecological release occurs, a species’ realized niche narrows and it becomes more specialized. T/F 23. In Mullerian mimicry, a harmless species resembles a dangerous one. T/F 24. Character displacement may occur as a consequence of interspecific competition. T/F 25. All else being equal, an environmentally complex habitat is likely to harbor greater biodiversity than an environmentally simple one. T/F 26. Mechanical weathering causes a change in the chemical compositions of rocks. T/F 27. Biodiversity is generally greatest at the poles. T/F 28. Land holds and relects heat differently than does water, in part causing climate to be different over land. T/F 29. All else being equal, a large island will typically harbor more biodiversity than a small one. T/F 30. The ocean is generally warmest all the equator. T/F 31. The term “albedo” refers to the earths tendency to absorb and hold heat. T/F 32. As the earth warms, more water evaporates, which can result in additional warming via increased humidity but also cooling via increased cloud cover. 33. A mineral is composed of several different kinds of rocks aggregated together. T/F 34. Increased atmospheric CO2 can lead to ocean acidification. T/F

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