Ecommerce and Fashion Industry

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E-commerce Revolution in Fashion Industry
A decade ago no one could have imagined that internet and technology would completely transform the way people buy fashion products. Percentage of online sales is soaring each year. Both retailers and high end fashion brands are witnessing this change. Smart phones and the shopping applications have further fuelled the e-commerce sales. Though buying online lacks the touch and feel factor, but the convenience it provides is overwhelming for the customers. Social media is also playing an important role.
Impact of e-commerce on fashion industry is manifold. Internet has also played a great role in increasing fashion awareness among people. New fashion trends, fashion news, new products etc. all information reaches people across the globe through internet. People now can follow global fashion trends while sitting at home. This has motivated people to be fashion forward.
Since people are aware of the trends they want to buy clothes accessories etc. accordingly. This need is fulfilled in an innovative way by e-commerce which has brought the virtual stores to their homes. There are many fashion house and apparel companies which are entirely e-commerce based and numerous others which along with having brick and mortar stores have entered the e-commerce business to tap a larger customer base. E-commerce has made their reach global. Innovative visual tools are being used to give shoppers a closer look at product so as overcome the drawback of the missing touch and feel factor. Innovative visual tools along with the feedback of the customers regarding a particular product helps shoppers to take decision of buying online. Social media is also playing an important role. Setting up official pages and advertising on social media websites are the major source of generating traffic for the ecommerce websites and applications. Social media…...