Ecommerce Limitations

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Peter Drucker, the management guru said and I quote “The truly revolutionary impact of the Internet Revolution is just beginning to be felt. But it is not information that fuels this impact. It is not the effect of computers and data processing on decision making. It is something that practically no one foresaw or, indeed even talked about 10 or 15 years ago; e-commerce – that is, the explosive emergence of the internet as a major, perhaps eventually the major, worldwide distribution channel of goods, for services, and, surprisingly or managerial and professional jobs. But the impact may be even greater on societies and politics, and above all, on the way we see the world and ourselves in it” (Drucker, 2002)

Electronic commerce (EC) is the process of buying, selling, transferring, or exchanging products, services, and/or information via computer networks, including the internet. However, Mobile commerce also known as mobile business includes any business activity conducted over a wireless telecommunication networks. Mobile commerce comprises of B2C and B2B commercial transactions as well as the transfer of information and services via wireless mobile devices. Mobile commerce is a natural extension of e-commerce. The mobile device provides an easy way to deliver new services to existing customers and to attract new customers. The advantage of using mobile devices to carry out transaction cannot be over emphasized. This has to do with the mobile penetration rate all over the world.

Over the last few years, e-commerce has impacted on many companies such as, ebay, AOL, and Yahoo, Google, Wal-Mart online, General Electric, IBM, and others. Few innovations have as many benefits as EC commerce does. This is to say that E-commerce and mobile commerce provides numerous benefits to organisation, individual customers and society. One of the major…...

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..., S., & Sun, S. (2003, June). Cutltural differences in e-commerce: A comparison between the U.S. and China. ProQuest. Journal of Global Information Management, 11(2), 48-54. Bolin, S. (1998, September). E-commerce: A market analysis and prognostication. The ACM Digital Library. StandardView, 6(3), 97-105. (2010). Transparency. Retrieved November 7, 2010, from Gasson, S. (2003). The impact of e-commerce technology on the air travel industry. ProQuest. Annals of Cases on Information Technology, 5(1), 234-249. Blankenhorn, D. (2009). PriceDoc bringing price transparency to you. ZDNet. Retrieved November 7, 2010, from (2010). Price Transparency definition. Retrieved November 7, 2010, from Laudon, K.C., Traver, C.G. (2008). E-Commerce: Business, Technology, Society, Fourth Edition. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. (2010). Benefits of Ecommerce. Retrieved November 8, 2010, from (2010). About Us. Retrieved November 8, 2010, from (2010). About Us. Retrieved November 8, 2010, from

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... 1.2. Objectives: The objectives of this report are as follows: * To determine how the information technology is related to the supply and the value chain of the business * To discover the business model that fits with wiggle * To determine the current strategy and the key factors for the success of the company * To suggest the evaluation criteria and to evaluate the site and technical solution for the particular aspect of website. * To discuss about affiliation models and how it will affect Wiggle’s business. 2. Literature review: Ecommerce is a way to sell the products of any company through information technology. According to Turbanetal (2003) “Ecommerce is defined as the process of buying, selling or exchanging the products, services and information via computer networks.” In ecommerce the selling and the buying parties interact electronically so there is no physical or direct contact with them. During the last few years there has been rise in the successful ecommerce business. Among them Wiggle is one of the online cycle and trisports retailer. 2.1. Information Technology and Supply chain: The first part of the report deals with the effect of Information Technology on the supply chain of the business. A recent study conducted by the Forrester Research indicates that U.S manufacturers are dependent on the benefits of Information Technology to improve the supply chain, improve the cycle time and receive high efficiency in order to deliver the...

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... all over the world. Over the last few years, e-commerce has impacted on many companies such as, ebay, AOL, and Yahoo, Google, Wal-Mart online, General Electric, IBM, and others. Few innovations have as many benefits as EC commerce does. This is to say that E-commerce and mobile commerce provides numerous benefits to organisation, individual customers and society. One of the major benefits of e-commerce and m-commerce is the ability to solve complex problems that have remained unsolved for generations. Among other advantages to organisations include; Global reach, cost reduction supply chain improvements, customisation/personalisation, efficient procurement, improve customer service and relations and lowers communication cost Why companies still stick to Brick-and-Mortar Operations? Despite the numerous advantages of e-commerce and m-commerce most companies are still sticking to their “Brick and Mortar” operation in developing countries like Ghana because there are some major limitations and barriers to e-commerce and m-commerce adoption. These limitation and barriers can be grouped into six main categories; Social and Cultural, Technical, Economical, Political, Organisational readiness, and Legal and Regulatory. Social and Culture: organisations have been reluctant in adopting ecommerce because most of them are not aware of the benefits of ecommerce and m-commerce adoption. There is also lack of popularity for online sales and marketing...

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