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Conclusion Wipfli has the infrastructure, expertise, and reputation to successfully build, launch, maintain, and market individual and small business budget templates.

I believe that Wipfli is in a unique position to enter and capture the market with a useful and profitable product.

I further believe this will have a complimentary effect regarding other Wipfli services. How will you increase product differentiation? Budget and actual integration for:
Tax preparation work papers and forms.
Loan/refinancing analysis and application.
Retirement planning.
FAFSA and other financial preparation and reporting.

Customer service / help desk.

Access to professional consulting as needed.

User groups, feedback surveys, and examples of successful use.

Online access options. Barriers to Entry Economies of scale and qualified personnel.

Difficulty and cost of product development, maintenance, and upgrades.

Networking the high quality Wipfli brand through 30,000 current clients.

Copywrites to the programs.

Product liabilities and legal requirements.

Interfacing with other Wipfil services and related discounts. Small Business Projections Small Business Projections Individual Projections Individual Projections Information Needed to Maximize Profit Product market availability and pricing.

Development timeline and costs.

Labor requirements and costs.

Maintenance and upgrade costs.

Market projections.

Market structure. Elasticity of Demand and Market Structure The market has not been sufficiently penetrated.

Demand is very elastic and determined not only on price, but ease of use and results.

I believe Wipfli can enter with a degree of monopoly if the product is excellent, low-cost, and saves the user more than it costs (> utils).

Wipfli can take advantage of that position to improve its product, reputation, and outperform...

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