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Letter to future student
ECON210 – Assignment 6-3
December 15, 2011
Dear future student of ECON210, I had always heard from other students that economics was hard. I assumed, it may have been hard for them but shouldn’t be hard for me. I’ve done pretty well at this college thing so far. Well needless to say I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Let me beginning with telling you what I did like about the class, I like learning the basics about economics and the ways people purchase. I’m a firm believer in people are programmed to respond to incentive and chapter one proved that. I also liked learning about opportunity cost. I knew about opportunity cost from my managerial accounting class, but using it in economics proved to me that no matter what situation one is every placed in we are always faced with opportunity cost. For example, by choosing to write this letter for my class, my opportunity cost, which I’m losing, is time that I could spend playing with my son. You will gain a lot of knowledge in this class, from supply and demand the curves that go a long with them, to what causes market inefficiencies. Now, onto the things I didn’t particularly like about this class. I didn’t like that our textbook came in a notebook. That was strange and took some time to get use to also the pages rip pretty easy. As for the information in the textbook that I didn’t like, learning about all the different types of curves. The information can become very overwhelming from firm-specific demand curve to short-run and long-run curves. As well as all the different types of elasticity’s from income elasticity of demand to perfectly inelastic supply and price elasticity of demand (Ed). You will also get to learn and explore a great deal about one company that the professor chooses for you. She will then pair you up with other classmates who studied other companies…...

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