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Economic Issues of Health Care

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Retail Minute Clinics
Donna Glykas
February 15, 2016
Yvette Thompson

The health care system landscape has changed tremendously over the years. There are so many different options now, where you can get treatment for your health care needs. The one that I find the most convenient and the one that I think is growing very quickly is the minute clinics in the retail drug store chains, like CVS, Walgreens, Target, etc. There is a nurse practitioner on site and they handle all the preventative care and illnesses that the patient needs when they come in, if the illness is more serious than what they can handle they do recommend you to see your primary doctor or to take other measures to make sure your health needs are met. With the minute clinics you do not need an appointment you just walk in and enter your personal information into a computer with a brief description on what you are there for and then you wait to be seen. They take all insurances and even have deals on lower rates for certain services they offer than a regular doctor office visit would have. They take care of children and adults from 18months old & older. The medical practitioners that work with them are experienced and licensed. They offer routine lab tests, wound care, wellness services, and even share the information of that visit with your primary care physician if you want them too. The marketing approach is very effective as well as their services they use the media to reach out to the consumer like television ads, radio ads, online ads and work of mouth referrals from their pharmacies and pharmacists. They make it easy for the consumer to choose between going to their doctors and waiting for an appointment or to just walking in and getting the care you need right away. This kind of technology is changing and shaping health care today and how we the consumer view the health...

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