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IB Economics – Internal Assessment Coversheet

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Candidate name | | Candidate number | 001339-0044 | Economics commentary number |
COMMENTARY NUMBER 1 | Title of the article | Northern Ireland's new five-pence carrier bag tax | Source of the article | BBC NEWS | Date the article was published | 08/04/2013 | Date the commentary was written | 29/ 12/2013 | Word count (750 words maximum) | 749 words | Section of the syllabus the article relates to (please tick the one that is most relevant) | * Section 1: Microeconomics * Section 2: Macroeconomics * Section 3: International Economics * Section 4: Development Economics |

Commentary Number 1 News Article
Northern Ireland's new five-pence carrier bag tax
8 April 2013Last updated at 15:37 GMT
The Department of the Environment hopes to see an 80% reduction in bag use. The new levy on plastic carrier bags has come into effect in Northern Ireland.
Retailers must now charge shoppers at least five pence for each new single-use carrier bag.
The proceeds of the tax will be forwarded to the Department of the Environment. The department hopes to see an 80% reduction in the use of carrier bags as a result of the levy. The tax also applies to bags made from paper, plant-based material, or natural starch.
The regulations also allow for a range of exemptions on the grounds of hygiene and food safety, the protection of goods and consumers, and confidentiality in respect of bags for medicines.
Environment minister Alex Attwood said he believed "the vast majority of people" would be happy with the introduction of the new levy and realised that plastic bags and single use bags were a "threat to our environment".
"If we have a wonderful, clean and green country in the north...

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