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Ecuadorean Valentine Roses

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Ecuadorean Valentine Roses

1. How has participation in the international rose trade helped Ecuador’s economy and its people? How has the rise of Ecuador as a center for rose growing benefited consumers in developed nations who purchase the roses? What do the answers to these questions tell you about the benefits of international trade?

The economy in Ecuador has greatly improved with rose exportations. The exportations these roses have brought prosperity to the country and increased the inhabitants of the specific region where it is grown, increased the revenues for the country, to help them develop better roads, build schools and cleanse the irrigation system. As well as start up on a new international airport that connects Quito and Cayambe to develop their own exportation methods. And this also has created the capability for women to support their families with a meaningful wage. This has affected the world economy due to the fact the Ecuador is one of the four nations that supply the highest amount of roses, leaving non-rose growing nations to specialize on their products, and have an instrument of exchange with Ecuador. International trade facilitates the nations to work on their strengths and improve the quality of their products.

2. Why do you think that Ecuador’s rose industry only began to take off 20 years ago? Why do you think it has grown so rapidly?

It is possible that the rose industry did not take off until just 20 years ago, because it was not involved in international trading until just recently. So as soon as they opened international trading, demand for Ecuador’s roses skyrocketed and have gone uphill ever since. The rose industry has grown so rapidly because they are one of a kind. It has 10 different red colors making it a very rare breed, attracting many customers and increasing its demand. Other than the special holiday of...

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