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Ecumenopolis- the Future of Cities

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With reference to at least one work of fiction, critically discuss how science and technology feature in utopian or dystopian planning of future cities.
The city of the future needs to change. With the population increasing at a rapid pace, more and more people favor to live in urbanized area. The result of the urban population explosion means that there is a need to change the physical dimension or space in cities, in order to cope with such a large amount of people. Cities will be dramatically restricted with the aid of science fiction and technology. This paper investigates how Ecumenopolis, the science fiction concept of city layout could be implanted or influence the future of cities, followed by how technology such as: transportation and telecommunication, could help satisfy social needs, which may again reshape the structure of cities in the future, finally by using examples from science fiction theme movies and novels to illustrate how humans could reshape their future cities and whether these advanced innovations would lead to a utopian or dystopian society.
The most crucial element that cities of the future would face is in relation to the increasing population. It is unavoidable that for the next few decades, global population growth will escalate intensely. According to Vidal (2012), by 2050, 7 billion of today’s population of will have increased another 2.3 billion, which is equal to a new India and China. Two thirds of the population will be living in towns and cities rather than in rural areas (Hanlon, 2007). The result of the urban population explosion means that a great change in the physical dimensions is needed in order to cope with such large amounts of people (Doxiadis, 2005, pg 192)....

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