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The Childhood of Edward Johnson
A Compilation of Psychological growth
Sean D. Ellis

Following the psychological development of a person can be a very complicated process. Every individual is different, and my younger brother Edward Johnson (Eddie) is no different. Eddie’s parents did their very best to raise him, and after having two children already they had a very good idea how to do it. This paper will explore the early life of Edward Johnson and how he came to be an adult, but most importantly, how he developed mentally and physically and how that has affected his life today. Eddie is a complicated individual, but isn’t everyone?
Daryl and Sheila Johnson are Eddie’s father and mother respectively. Sheila, Edward’s mother, had a very mild pregnancy with young Edward. After having two children previously she was well prepared to carry and give birth to Eddie properly. Despite being a heavy smoker, she quit smoking well before, during, and even after the pregnancy to avoid any kind of Teratogens. Having worked in the medical field, she was well aware of their negative effects and strived to avoid them. She was average height and weight for a woman, and having already given birth to both myself and my sister, Larissa, she was ready for her third. She had no previous mental or physical health problems worthy of note, either. She did, however, continue working until her third trimester during the pregnancy, where she took a leave of absence from working at the hospital to finish her pregnancy. Her job offered no real difficulties because she worked in the health field, so it was hardly an issue and in fact, was a boon to her pregnancy because of the excellent health benefits. She also exercised daily on the family treadmill to keep herself in shape before, during, and after her pregnancy.
Daryl Johnson was also heavily involved during the pregnancy...

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