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Eddy Okubo is a Nisei or a first generation Japanese- American. He lives in Hawaii during the World War Two time period. His father’s ship building business was their main source of income. Eddy’s “Pop” lives by strict traditional Japanese values, such as honor. Eddy is underage, but he signs up for the US military against his father's wants. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor Eddy has to leave and help out the Army. Soon he realizes that since he is Japanese, he will face discrimination. Throughout his journey in the military there are three conflicts that really stand out. Those are the fight against racism in the military, self- doubt, and a conflict between him and his father. Eddy joins the Army on a spur of patriotism for America, going against his own father. Right off the bat Eddy and his other enlisted friends are subjects to derogatory treatment, such as being labeled “Japs”, which has a negative connotation to it. One of his friends, Cobra, describe the treatment in a distasteful remark on how the Army views them as all looking like Hiroto (Salisbury 65). Hiroto was the emperor of the Japanese at the time, so the leader of the United State’s enemy. They are given menial tasks, as well as labor intensive activities at first Then they are given a mission to help train dogs to …show more content…
His hopes of serving his country were fulfilled. He gained respect from his military peers that he was not a “Jap”, but a US soldier. His family supported Eddy, especially his father. After coming around he saw that his son loyalties to this new country were true. He was proud his son served in the military with honor. The book bring to light a dirty part of the American World War two history. Japanese citizens were treated badly just because part of their race were fighting as the enemy. Eddy realized this and broke through the prejudice barrier and found respect for himself as a soldier and a citizen of the United

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