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Eden Bay

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Eden Bay Assignment

1. I think that a strategic plan would help Eden bay, because if they had one everyone would be on the same page and understand what goals they have set and what needs to be done to achieve those goals. When it comes a mission statement I don't think they are really that important, and it wouldn't help improve their current situation. A mission statement is usually just a plain statement like: “we are here to provide the best service to the customers” I think the employees already understand that and putting one in place wouldn't change anything.

Mission Statement: To provide well maintained/repaired vehicles to the departments of Eden bay for use of all employees to “To provide the highest quality of life through essential infrastructure, public safety, recreation, and welcoming growth within the constraints of fiscally responsible government.”(City of pullman washington’s mission statement)

Strengths: some strengths are they have dedicated workers,

Weaknesses: Some of their weaknesses are that it is hard to pull up past records of vehicles, there's too many labor codes, employee who made the “spreadsheet” system does not work for them anymore, don't have a long term plan with the budget, no strategic plan, some outdated equipment,

Opportunities: Some opportunities would be the new system they are thinking about getting,

Threats: Some threats are the 14 to 16% annual increase in maintenance costs

3. Preliminary investigation
Step 1:understand the problem or opportunity...

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