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Ediths Terror

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In today's world, many people place a huge emphasis upon appearance, self image and fitting in.Some are willing to go to great lengths to gain a better sense of confidence, even though the outcome may come at a great cost. In a short story, “Anointed with oils”, Alden Nowlan introduced Edith as a young shack girl, who tried so hard to extinguish her past to create a new life for herself. Edith was embarrassed of many aspects in her life,living in a boarding house and having a father who went to jail. Self confidence issues made her life much more harder than it already was. Edith believed in order to be successful she needed to beautiful and she didn't see that in herself.

In attempts to escape the shame Edith felt about her family, and the shacks in which she grew up in, Edith moved to a boarding house where she tried her best to extinguish the past and create a new life for herself. With the fact that she hadn’t been to high school, Edith found it harder to get a proper job. She ended up settling for working at a potato chip plant in which she reeked of the foul smell of the butter. Edith didn’t want to be recognized as the poor girl from the shacks who has a drunk father and has a cousin who got pregnant at fifteen. Eddie wanted to be successful and had so much potential in her life. Edith wanted to be a star but didn’t have the self confidence to do so,”But stars had to be beautiful. And she was plain. Not ugly. Just plain. Her breasts were too small and her legs were too thin and her nose was too long and her knees were too knobby.” With all of the doubt and the embarrassment of her family Edith pushed to do better for herself. Having a father who drank and ended himself in jail was just one of the disappointments that happened in her life along with her “hallelujah-shouting fool for a mother.”were reasons for her change and do better for herself.

For Edith and everything that she had encountered in her life, with her parents and the way she was raised in the shacks she wanted to change and make a higher quality life for herself. Edith wanted to be a sophisticated beautiful woman who could create her fantasy life she had always dreamt of. In order for her to do that she bathed every night hoping that it would remove the frying oils that clung to her body and she rubbed fragrant soap to mask the foul smell that filled her nostrils.

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