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Editing of the Movie Blue

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Zachary St.Romain
Professor Dr. David C. Simmons
THE 2071: Cinema Appreciation
24 September 2014
Sound Theory, Editing, Mise-en-Scene, and Film Language of Blue
I found the film Blue, by director Krysztof Kieslowski, surprisingly good seeing how usually watch foreign films with subtitles. For me the use of sound was very interesting and helped play a large part in how the movie made me feel. In this film there were also some edits that caught my eye and I will be giving examples of those in this journal entry along with great use of mise-en-scene and film language.
I learned some good sound theory terms during our lecture along with the reading of chapter five in our text book and I will be giving examples of them in the first part of my journal. The overall sound is this film gave me a sad lonely feeling along with some glimpse of a happy feeling. I noticed in the opening scenes some non-diegetic sound as the family drives through the tunnel giving me the feeling of speed. I also noticed non-diegetic sound in the scene where Oliver and Julie are making love and I hear a beautiful piece being played as the score making me feel happy for Julie and knowing she we be ok almost like a since of freedom.
An example of diegetic sound is when Julie picks up a music sheet then we see her run her finger along the notes in a extreme close up shot and I hear the notes which gives me a inside look into her world as she hears the music being played in her head actually making me think she might have possibly been writing this music for her husband all along. Another good example of diegetic sound is when they pick up the music sheet together and they both hear the music being played giving me a preview of her husband’s (possibly her) amazing art.
I also hear another diegetic sound after Julie is locked out of her new apartment and after unsuccessful attempts she finds herself sitting down on the stairs resting her head on the railing dozing off then all the sudden I hear a symphony playing in her head giving me the feeling of wanting to hear more of this master piece she possibly created.
In the scene where Julie was laying in the hospital bed is a good example of sound off, I only see Julie in the shot but I also hear the beeping of machines and also footsteps making me think of her wellbeing and also how might this be coming to see her. Then we see the dr. walk in and then the machines that were making the beeping noises.
As we see Julie arrive home from the hospital and she gets out of the car I hear dogs barking in the background along with a chainsaw that seemed to startle Julie. She stops for a second then follows the sound of the chainsaw and finds the gardener and she begins to ask him if he has completed some task she had asked of him. That scene I think is a good example of sound off as well. The dogs barking and the chainsaw kind of gave me an eerie feeling as she arrived home for the first time without her husband and son.
Also a good example of sound off is when Julie is walking through the rooms of this big empty house she comes down the stairs then looks in this room with a large bookcase and white walls then I see her sit down in the doorway. As she is sitting down I hear a dog begin to bark, a car pulling up, a knock at the door, sounds of the maids footsteps, then her answering the door giving me the thought of who this could be coming to bother her this soon after her homecoming. I see this man holding his binder of papers and photos walking up the stairs then he makes eye contact with Julie and he can see he has come at the wrong time. He walks down the stairs then I see him exiting the house and I hear gun shots off in the distance which is also a good example of sound off and it gave me the feeling of being unwanted.
The score also played a big role in this film and here are some examples that popped out for me. I thought a good example of the score was when we hear music start being played as Julie lays helplessly under the covers watching the funeral of her husband and child giving me a feeling of sadness and sorrow. Another example of the score is after Julie calls Oliver and ask him to come over, he arrives and I hear the score start to play as Julie begins to undress giving me a uneasy feeling almost a unsure feeling not knowing if this is really what she wants to be doing or is she doing this out of sadness. I thought a really artistic example of the score was when Julie is sitting at the coffee shop and I see her look up at a man on the street playing the flute which is an objective sound everyone can hear then it becomes the score in the background and that was new and interesting for me. One last example of score would be as I hear music being played as she hears the awful news of her husband having a mistress on the side for all those years giving me the feeling of disgust.
I thought a good example of a folley artist is in the scene as she is toting a box and exploring her new town for the first time. I can hear the chatter of the people as they walk through the town I can also hear their footsteps along with other everyday outside noises. Now knowing that all those sounds were all inputted in post production gives me a better appreciation for the work of a folley artist.
There was some nice editing in this film and here are some collision montage examples made famous by Sergei Eisenstein that caught my eye. Julie calls Oliver then he arrives at her house, then I see a close-up of them kissing, then it cuts to the next morning and him laying in the bed and Julie bringing him coffee giving me a feeling of “I’m pretty sure I know what happened last night.” Another example of a collision montage is when Julie is looking off her balcony and I see a man being beaten in the streets then cuts to her then cuts back to him running away then another cut of her hearing the man enter her building then knocking of every door including hers giving me the feeling of being nervous. I also thought an interesting collision montage was when she borrowed a cat from her neighbor then cuts to her putting the cat in the closet with the mice, then her walking away making me feel for her knowing that’s not what she wanted to do but did it out of desperation.
There were also some great usages of archetypal color in this film. I enjoyed the scenes when Julie was swimming because the whole shot was blue and that lead me to believe she was seeking truth. Another example of archetypal color is in one of the last shots as we see the mistress getting an ultrasound the whole shot is green giving me the feeling of new life.
Mise-en-scene played a big role in this film. An example of mise-en-scene in this film is right when the film begins; everything is very cold and wet looking. People are wearing very dark clothing even the skies are grey giving me a feeling of gloom. I also got to see a change in the mise-en-scene after she moves to her new apartment far away from her old home and life she’s wanting to leave behind everything becomes a bit lighter and brighter even the clothes the actors are wearing seem to get brighter giving me the feeling of hope for her new life as she tries to move on.
I found examples of film language in this film to be exciting. I thought a good example of an extreme long-shot was after the car with Julie and her family in it hits the tree I get to see the wreck form where the boy is standing off in the distance giving me the feeling of unknown wondering what the outcome of the wreck will be. A good example of an extreme close-up is when I only see Julies mouth and eyes quivering and I can tell she is trying to be strong and holding back her tears as she’s hearing the terrible news of her family making me feel the sadness. There was a great close-up of Julie eating a piece of candy she found in her purse that had belonged to her kid again making me sad for Julie.
In conclusion the sound, editing, mise-en-scene, and film language of this movie was very moving for me. All the techniques combined to invoke emotions in the viewer from dismal despair to the feeling of hope and freedom. With everything combined it helped the story come to life for me. I found this film to be a great watch and plan on watching the other two films of this three part trilogy.

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