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Edrd 3140 Case Study: Topic 1

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Case Study: Brass Taps Campus Pub
Topic #1


The purpose of this case study is to identify the social communication that Brass Taps emphasizes in their organization. Brass Taps is a small campus pub located in the University of Guelph. Being a campus pub, it must facilitate a prominent social atmosphere considering that is not only students that come there, but professors as well. How they communicate and in what way they communicate are of paramount importance. Brass Taps’ student atmosphere provides a comfortable environment for both management and staff to connect. This organization only hires students to work there, allowing management to become extremely close with its staff and be respectful of their busy schedules. Brass Taps incorporates a high degree of cohesion and illustrates that the customer always comes first. This mindset allows for a minimal amount of customer complaints and an increased level of satisfaction amongst them. Brass taps implements a face-face social communication model, creating an atmosphere that focuses on friendly, social employees and managers. Being part of the bar industry, this is paramount. This allows for meaningful relationships to flourish between employees and even between the customer and the employee. The following analysis will detail how Brass Taps successfully creates long lasting relationships through social interactions, free flowing information, and face-face communication.

Communication is an important aspect in any organization; some argue the most important aspect. If there is a disconnect between the employee and management, then the job at hand could be hindered quite severely. With social communication there needs to be a give-and- take understanding between management and employees - a type of social exchange that facilitates cohesion and learning. Although…...

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