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Educ-7004-1 Foundations: Teacher Leadership

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EDUC-7004-1 Foundations: Teacher Leadership
November 29, 2011
A6: Critical Reading for Value
The online environment is constantly changing, affecting the credibility of websites used as research material. With the students using the internet and web- based technologies, it is important to have the right innovative tools to gain experience in determining credible information on the websites being researched.
Today’s online universities have developed new strategies for determining how to access the credibility of an information source, by creating their own library, which contains’ credible sources. I. Initial Appraisal
A. Author
The author is Traci Hong; she has a PhD of Communication, M.A. of Communication and B.A, double major; Communication and Biology. Hong’s work is peer reviewed; she has recieved feedback from other professors in the same field.
Hong work has a reference list that vouches for her article’s credibility. The article and research done by Hong is considered current and discusses how important Internet and web- based technology is currently being used as a learning tool and how students can determine websites credibility and how the use of Internet is increasing when doing research. Hong name has not been mention in this course, but I have seen her name on other articles on the internet.
B. Date of Publication
Hong’s article was published in February, 2006 by the Journal of the American Society for
Information of Science and Technology. The source is current and can be used when determining the credibility of websites.
C. Edition or Revision
Hong’s article is a first edition; it is the same as it was, when published in 2006, and has not been edited or revised.
D. Publisher
Hong‘s article was published by the department of communication at Texas A & M
University and was found to be informative and credible.
E. Title of Journal
The title is: The Journal of the American Society for Information Science and
Technology (JASIST), which is a leading international forum for peer-review search in
Information Search. JASIST has also commissioned in-depth review articles (Advances in
Information Science) and of print and other media Hong, T. (2006).The influence of structural and message features on web site credibility: Journal of the American society for Information Science and Technology, 57(1), pp.114-127.

II. Initial Appraisal

A. Author

Soo Young Rieh is an author, who has a PhD of Communication, M.A. of

Communication, and a Bachelor Science of Journalism. Rieh graduated from the University of

Michigan and has written five journal articles and he has examined the problems of information

quality and authority in Web searching by identifying the factors influencing people’s judgments

of information.

B. Date of Publication

Rieh’s article was published in April, 2004, and had previously been published in 2001 by

Amanda Spink and Bernard J. Jenson.

C. Edition or Revision

Rieh’s article was first addressed by Amanda Spink and Bernard J. Jenson in 2001.” Drs.

Spink and Jansen present results from an analysis of multiple search engine data sets over a six

year period, giving a firsthand account of the emergence of Web searching”(Rieh,2004).

Rieh rewrote the article in 2004, about how the Web users paid considerable attention

to institutional authority, giving greater credence to academic and governmental institutions.

D. Publisher

Rieh’s article was published in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom by Global Publishing in April 2004.
E. Title of Journal The title is the Journal of the America Society for Information Science. After using the
Distinguishing Scholarly from Non-Scholarly Periodicals to determine the credibility of the
Journal of the America Society for Information Science, I found the company that published the article to be a credible source.
Rieh, S (2004). ”On the web at home: Information seeking and web searching in the home environment “. Journal of the America Society for Information Science, 55(8), pp. 743-753.
Compare and Contrast

Hong and Rieh wrote articles to provide students with information on how to determine

the credibility of information sources on the Internet.

Hong article written in 2004, did not limit her research to a specific time usage. Hong

article provided good insight on how to determine the credibility of a website in 2004 and the

website is still a good source in 2009 to determine the credibility of information on the Internet.

Hong article had a peer review to verify the information she had gathered to use in her

article, which could be validated by research and peers. Hong article can be a tool to determine

the credibility of information source on the Internet. The information provided by Hong is

currently use by students to create scholarly paper.

Rieh wrote his article in 2004, the article was previously written by Amanda Spink and

Bernard J. Jenson in 2001. Rieh article was wrote from a secondary source, with this information

he provided was an opinion on how to determine a credible source on the Internet.

Rieh article did not have any peer review, the only validation he had was from the

previous authors, which he had obtain his information.

Rieh article leaves questions on how credible is the information, he have provided,

because he did not do the primary research and relied on secondary information to determine

how to inform students determine the credibility of a website.


Both authors, Hong and Rieh, have provided an article on how to introduce information

to students on how to determine the credibility of an information source on a website.

Hong did her own primary research to gather her source of information which made the

data seems more accurate, shows authority, presented objectively, considered to be current

because it can be use today to determine the credibility of a website, and covers what the public

needs to know when looking for a credible site.

Rieh used secondary information leaving question about the credibility of the information

he provided to determine the credibility of information found on the website. The article would

be more credible if Rieh had done his own primary research instead of using others work.

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