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Educating Our Children About Nutrition

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Educating our Children about Nutrition

I just read an article by Lisa Belkin, “Should Schools Educate Students Nutritionally?” Yes, they should, I strongly agree. We’ve heard the statistics. Our children are getting fatter with each generation. Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years. Leaving our children with conditions that were almost only seen in adults’, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even type-two diabetes. This is a growing problem that has a devastating psychological effect on our children. However, I believe that schools have the perfect opportunity to educate our children about the importance of nutrition, to serve healthy meals, and provide plenty of time for exercise and even educate the parents about the importance of a healthy diet.
Educating our children about nutrition is one of the most important things that needs’ to be done at school in order to control childhood obesity. Teachers’ can educate our children about all the health risks associated with being overweight, but if our children don’t understand it does absolutely no good. I think the trick to teaching children is to make it fun, turn learning about food into a game. There are a variety of nutrition oriented games and activities that will help our children understand the importance of eating healthy. There are games like Food Force which requires children to go on top secret missions all over the globe to find food in different countries. Combo Kitchen where children can...

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