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1.1 The problem and its importance
Education is the means of learning and for which the society can develop and sustain the people that live in it. In schools and high schools, students must read for any subject, so the reading must be a skill with which they can study properly. However, lately, the students are having reading problems what affects them in the grades and scores. The root of the problem is that the students do not like to read or because they do not feel motivated by their teachers. Many times, the teachers do not use the proper techniques of reading.
Also, the students have problems by reading in their own language. This occurs because they really do not like the type of literature used in the high school. On the other hand, learners must read in English, this is another problem because the students find English difficult because English has a different structure from Spanish. In this work, different theories will be cited in order to analyze the problem and what techniques can be useful for improving when reading. Some of those techniques that can help to improve reading in English in the classroom are scanning, skimming, previewing, predicting among others, which will be explained later.
Another point is that the students do not read for lack of help of their parents at home. This thesis will encourage the connection of the three elements, teacher-student-parents. The idea is that parents and teachers help the student to read in English in the classroom and at home at the same time in order to get good scores. Teachers take care of the classroom and parents can help from the house through the techniques provided by the teacher.
One of the main problems is that teachers, parents and the media do not motivate to students to read. Even so, teachers themselves have reading problems sometimes. Through the time, education...

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