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Education: a Key to Endless Opportunities

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Education. In its general sense, It is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a certain person can be enhanced and can be transferred from one generation to another through teaching, training or research.
Education is essential for everyone. My parents always remind me that it is a treasure that cannot be stolen and it can bring us to the top of our dreams. If a seed in a soil, received enough sunlight, air or water, it can become a tree that bear fruits and supply oxygen that is very significant to a human life. This seed can be compare to a person, if he/she is educated, his/her skills and knowledge can be developed or enhanced. And as we all know, education has always a positive effect on human life, it can help us achieve something we want in our life and it cannot just help one’s life but also the society in many ways. For me Education can be acquire in many different ways, and one of it is learning in a school, an institute or place for educating people. Learning in a four corner room has been very essential in one’s life, in fact , everything in this present day is based on the knowledge we had by the help of Education.
Education is an element for the civilization of human society. I cannot even imagine life without it. Education doesn’t only help us achieve our dreams, but it also generates an advance community, and that is one of many reasons why Education is very important and why people or let me say, Government wants to develop the system of Education. The most notable outcome of education is technology. Through the help of education, equipments has been invented which makes our everyday lives easier. Education is important because it helps people enhance their skills and knowledge, and because of it, people can have an access in different jobs. Undeniably, having a job is very essential in our lives , it yield or it gives us...

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