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Education Is Important for Students

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The government stated that education is the main focus and the vital part which help the future generation to develop the nation as well as the government. This shows that education is very important for our generation especially student. To help the students to perform well in their studies, financial incentives has been given to students who perform well. From a different perspective, some people said that giving financial incentives to students is a bribes, as stated by (Quinonez.N, n.d) giving money to the students they might think of it as the bribes and they can go morally wrong. However, there are more benefits by giving financial incentives to students such as financial rewards to boost performance, encourage students to work harder and a self-reward.
Normality human like to receive rewards because as stated by (Harms.W, 2012) it can help them to boost their performance and also increase their effort to score in education. The prospect by giving rewards to students who perform well can created a stronger desire to be constant in their education plus their possibility to receive a reward nor trophies. A students score in his first semester in college and then he was rewarded with a financial incentives, because of the reward the student will keep up with his good performance in his studies. Thus, financial incentives can work as a booster to the students to keep their good progress in education.
In addition, giving financial incentives also can help students who perform well in education to encourage the students to get good grades. As stated by (Cameron, 2011) financial incentives can help the students to increase their initiative to achieve well in their education or examination in collage. Financial incentives it can also be used by students as a stepping stone to focus on their studies and study harder so that they can get better result. This will also...

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