Education Makes People Easy to Lead but Difficult to Drive, Easy to Govern but Impossible to Enslave

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1. Pest infestation has gone up: Pests which we used to control by bio degradable methods have become resistant to many pesticides and now these chemical pesticides have become non effective.
2. Loss of Bio Diversity: Due to heavy use of chemical pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers we have lost many birds and friendly insects and this is a big loss in long term.
3. Chemicals in water: These chemicals which we have been using in our farms go down and contaminate ground water which effect ours and our children health.
4. Excess use of fertilizers have made the soil infertile.
5. Overuse of chemical fertilizers may affect human's health.

The Story of Village Palampur

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Q.1. What is the difference between multiple cropping and modern farming methods?
Ans. Difference between Multiple Cropping and Modern Farming :
Multiple cropping and modern farming are two ways of increasing production from the same
piece of land. Under multiple cropping, production is increased by growing more than one crop
on a piece of land during the year. It is the most common way of raising agricultural
Under modern farming method, production is increased by using modern technology in
place of traditional agricultural practices. Under this method, high yielding varieties (HYVs)
of seeds are used in place of simple seeds. HYV seeds promise to produce much greater
labour and capital. They retain a part of produce for self-consumption and sell the surplus
in the nearby market. That part of farm produce which is sold in the market is called
marketable surplus. Small farmers have little surplus output. It is the medium and large
farmers only who have substantial surplus produce for selling in the market.
..Non-farm activities
Out of every 100 workers in the rural areas…...