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Educational Change

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7341 EBL Context of Adult and Vocational Education

Assignment 2:

The impact of educational change and the implications for my teaching practice

Student: Taras Voevodin
Student No.: 0517355
Lecturer: Terry Clark
Convenor: Dr. Leesa Wheelahan


This essay will analyse the impact of educational change and the implication for my teaching practice. It will analyse an educational institute and a key issue that impacts on my teaching practice. It will take a critical look at the context of this change by discussing the changing nature of work, lifelong learning and the learning society.

This contextual analysis will consider the particular key changes being analysed. It will explain, analyse and theorise about the way in which the policy change impacts on education and on my teaching practice as a practicing ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. It will discuss the extent to which adult and vocational education teachers can shape their own practice within the broad policy context that I have described and illustrated through the discussion of this particular policy change.

It will discuss the Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE (MSIT) and changes involved with moving from a governmental department to a statutory authority and how that affects my teaching practice. Statutory Authorities are alternative management systems that answer to a board of directors and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) like most large profit driven, private organisations.

This essay will discuss how MSIT balances learner’s needs and organisational needs in a push to maximise efficiency and profits while maintaining educational standards. In this context it will analyse the shift to SA status in terms of globalisation, the changing nature of work, lifelong learning and the learning society.

MSIT is a VET…...

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