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Education is the key to change the traditional way of living and to open the gate of modern way of life. As a result, the management of educational organization is regarded as one of the most important management angles in the society.

Educational management, according to researcher Tony Bush argues that education management has to be concerned with the purpose or aims of education. These objectives or aims serve to provide a crucial sense of direction in managing educational institutions. At the heart of education management is the process of deciding on the goals and objectives of the educational institution. In some schools, universities and colleges, it is the principal or the president, whichever is the title of the organization’s highest official that decides these goals and objectives. Often, this is done with the help of the principal or president’s senior colleagues and even the school board or its stakeholders, in the case of a private corporation. However, in many educational institutions, education management with respect to goal setting is a corporate activity done by formal bodies or informal groups or individuals.

The other issue that needs to give importance is the closely intertwined relationship between educational management and educational leadership. It is true that the combination of educational management and educational leadership can lead to academic excellence of every learner if it’s only done in a right manner and perspective. This journal aims to review the models of educational management and…...

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