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Educational Mission Statement Paper

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Natalie Farquharson
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NUR/588 Developing and Evaluating Education Programs
Kelly Crum
March 05, 2013

The purpose of a mission statement is to represent the overall goal of the organization, to guide the pathways to which they will practice, and provide an overall framework for continued practice. While most mission statements will differ, the overall goal is for continued success and best outcomes for that organization.
Nursing Philosophies of an organization states thought on what is believed to be truthful about the specific profession and usually a theorist who best represents the goal and mission that the organization desires to achieve and maintain while practicing optimal patient outcomes.
During my career, I have worked for a number of different hospitals and long term care facilities. Currently, I am employed full time at Memorial Healthcare System (MHS) in Florida who serves a large population in the South Florida area. According to Memorial Healthcare System’s philosophy, their nurses “reach their goals through professional collaboration and framework with peers and in partnership with patients and the community”. The nursing philosophy of the organization is evident in daily practice. “Nurses are involved in the art of nursing and are totally committed to producing the best care possible with the highest quality outcomes while showing and maintaining compassionate, evidenced based care, communication, and collaborative care which are all important”.
Patient centered care by management and staff is always at the core. Best practices are followed to maintain high levels of patient satisfaction. Success is seen as most patients are frequent flyers and are known well to the physician’s who care for them as they continually return to have their health needs...

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