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Educational Plan

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Educational Development Plan

To complete this plan, refer to the three University Orientation Seminar Readiness Center reports you received and used in the UOS1500 seminar courseroom. Using the results of those reports, along with your personal preferences and goals, identify three areas of strength and list them in the table provided below.

Readiness Areas:

• Technical Readiness.

• Online Learning.

• Online Communication.

• Time Management.

• Goals and Motivation.

• Building a Support Network.

• Learning Strategies.

• Writing Strategies.

• Information Literacy.

Areas of Strength

|1. Technical Readiness |
|2. Learning Strategies |
|3. Building a Support Network |

Now follow the same process to identify three areas in which you would like to improve your knowledge and skills. For each of the areas, specify a short-term, specific goal: something you will accomplish that will improve your performance or knowledge in this area. Enter that goal, then a brief description of how you will achieve your goal. If there were resources identified in this seminar, or other resources that you know about that will help you improve, list those too.

Remember that this plan is for you. Select the goals that are most important for your development and devise plans that you can think will work best for you. Be sure to state as part of your goal how its attainment will impact you academically or programmatically.

For example:

My goal is to learn...

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