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Big Families vs. Small Families: A Matter of Quantity vs. Quality? ­ HowStuffWorks

Big Families vs. Small
Families: A Matter of
Quantity vs. Quality?

At the time of the photo, the Bates family of Lake City, Tennessee, had 18 kids.

by John Donovan
January 16, 2016

Children in big families get less than those in smaller families. It's just math, right?
Less time with the folks than the oldest had when he or she was the only one around. Maybe fewer toys or books or games or new clothes. Altogether, with other kids in the family, there's just a little less space all around.
For years, scientists have delved into whether that truth has resulted in kids who are worse off. Some have said no. Some have tried to show that it's true.­families­vs­small­families­a­matter­quantity­vs­quality



Big Families vs. Small Families: A Matter of Quantity vs. Quality? ­ HowStuffWorks

Do sisters make you happier?

Multiple studies indicate that people with sisters seem to be happier than people with brothers ­­ but what does this mean, and could it be true? Join Molly and Cristen as they explore the relationship between your siblings' gender and your happiness.

Now, new research finds that kids from bigger families end up not as smart, with more behavioral problems as children and more problems as adults. The study concludes with a line that's like a smack in the back of the head from an older brother:
"On average, children in larger families have lowered parental investment and worse cognitive and non­ cognitive outcomes."
The paper is authored by three economists; Yona
Rubinstein from the London School of Economics, and
Chinhui Juhn andC. Andrew Zuppann of the University of

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