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Edward Snowden Propaganda

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The story of Edward Snowden is perhaps the biggest and most famous intelligence breach in United States history. The 29-year-old computer programmer who made headlines in 2013 was working for the National Security Agency through subcontractor Booz Allen in the NSA’s office in Oahu, Hawaii when he became disturbed and uncomfortable with some of the NSA’s data. He began collecting top-secret documents regarding NSA domestic surveillance practices. These documents confirmed unsettling spy activity against American citizens. The story of how Snowden fled the U.S. and leaked the documents to the press is shocking and exciting, like something only seen in movies. After watching a Frontline report on the story, a TED Talk with one of the reporters …show more content…
This checks and balances provide a structure for the government. The role and function of the press is to ensure that every American has constant access to significant and trustworthy news. Their role can be performed well or performed on behalf of the business interests of the corporation owners. It is important that they take their role seriously because in order for true democracy to exist, a society must be well informed so that they are empowered to take a stance on critical issues. The press is also responsible for keeping governments, businesses, and other organizations in check. They are known as the public’s watchdog. Diligent reporting allows them to be just that. The way Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Barton Gellman of the Washington Post acted and reported in response to Edward Snowden’s story was a perfect example of the press following the journalistic ethics they promised to uphold. Unfortunately, too many journalists and large publications have been affected and driven by profits, having lost the sense of public mission. They are more inclined to report on behalf of the agenda of their parent …show more content…
Krimsky in his article, The Role of the Media in a Democracy, as influential as the American press may be at times, it has rarely been loved. Instead, they are usually seen as too powerful or not trustworthy. Thomas Jefferson has been quoted saying, “ If it were left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” (Krimsky). However what Jefferson and the others framing the constitution could not forsee was how the modern market would expand and exploit free expression (Krimsky). There have been practices put in place in American press organizations that are helping to ensure trustworthiness from publications. One of which is the use of in-house critics who hear public complaints and publish or broadcast the thoughts. The other is citizens’ council, which has been created to hear public criticisms over the press and then issue verdicts. Libel law is another way the public is protected from the press’ untrustworthiness. If libel or slander by a publication or network against a citizen is proven in a court of law, it is possible for the citizen to receive a substantial monetary award. With these things in place, the chance of the public hearing the truth are more probable, however what is even more than that is still a journalist that is held to a high standard of integrity and truthfulness. Greenwald, Poitras, and Gellman represent this type

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