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Business Communication in Government Organization

Organizational communication is an area of study that examines the complex communicative behaviors which occur in organizational settings. Organizational communication occurs when a group of people working together and communicate to each other in order to achieve individual or collective goals. Communication is been considered a functional part of an organizational system and in interpersonal context.

The purpose of organization communication ranges from completing a task or mission to creating and maintaining satisfying human relationships within the organization. The structure of an organization is determined in part by the network of channels or paths along which information must flow between members or sub-units within the organization.

Communication networks in government organization
In the past, the concern of management of large bureaucratic structure such as government organization, in which the major focus of the organizational communication literature, was formal and top-down communication. The government needs systems for controlling the flow of information in order to balance the structure.

Today, informal communication in which is generally associated with interpersonal, horizontal communication is primarily seen as a potential contribution to effective organizational performance. On-going, dynamic, and non-formal, if not informal, communication has become more important to ensuring the effective conduct of work in modern government organizations.

Creating a climate of formal and informal communication
Communication climate can be defined as the internal environment of information exchange among people through an organization's formal and informal networks. Communication climate is open when information flows freely and closed when information is blocked. Open...

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