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Ef 5010: Economics for Business Semester B 2014 Syllabus Li King King (李景景)

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EF 5010: Economics for Business
Semester B 2014 Syllabus LI King King (李景景)

Time and Venue Duration: 17January – 25 April 2014 (Every Friday) Time: 7:00PM-9:50PM Venue: AC2 -1503 Instructor Dr. LI King King Department of Economics and Finance Email: Phone: 3442 7604 Office Location: AC2-5102 Personal Webpage: Office Hours: Friday 5:00PM-6:00PM or through appointment via email. Email is always a great way to reach me. Course Website: Available on Blackboard Teaching Assistant WONG Chun Kit Christopher Email: Phone: 3442 9980 Office Location: AC1-P7706 Office Hours: Wednesday11:00AM-12:00Noon


Course Description The fundamental objective of this course is to introduce to managers the important economic concepts and tools to improve their decision-making and to achieve managerial goals. The course will emphasize the economic way of thinking, and will enable managers to better understand the economic environment in which business decisions are made. Developing innovative solutions to business problems will be encouraged throughout the course. Learning Objectives Ø Apply the tools and theories from microeconomics to perform demand and supply analyses. Ø Identify different market structures. Formulate different pricing strategies under different market structures or consumer characteristics. Ø Apply basic game theoretic models to formulate business strategies such as pricing. Ø Understand the main issues faced by companies and what are the possible solutions suggested by economic theory. For example, the principal-agent problem and how incentive contracts can be used to address the issue. Ø Understand the key behavioral biases that can affect decision-making in business setting. Brief Course Outline The following table lists the approximate schedule and topics of the classes....

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