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|What skills do you hope to gain from attending this course? * | | |
|By attending this course, I will able to gain Competitiveness, Managerial, Analytical, clear vision process, strategic approach will| | |
|be according to the new bread and butter. This will surely enhance the charisma of doing business practices with more clear actions.| | |
|Studying Master in Business in International Business will definitely allow understanding the international business loop holes and | | |
|so that I will apply this to the company I will work for and especially address it to Government level in the Parliament debating | | |
|sessions. I have already studied International Business in Bachelor of Business Administration but I want to be an expert in knowing| | |
|and doing International Business as a whole. If I get the opportunity to study in MIB School of Management, true commitment and | | |
|dedication will be a part of this course with me. | | |
|[pic] | | |
|Reflecting on your professional and life experience, what contribution could you make to the course? * | | |
|[pic]According to my professional and life experience till now, I believe life experience can contribute more than professional | | |
|experience. I saw things not always go the way it should go. Corruption all around, always is there. Systems and processes are way | | |
|far old in which I don’t feel comfortable. The comfort level is not good.

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