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Effect of Music on Human Performance

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The Effect of Music on Human Performance and Behavior
Thesis Statement: Music positively affects human performance and affects the emotions of a person, negatively or positively, depending on what genre and tempo of the music.
I’m a huge fan of music; who am I kidding? All people love music. Music has been part of life for a very long time; it’s been part of history, it is used to tell tales of heroism and courage, among other things. Most people love listening to music while working; it keeps them focused, composed and keeps them from freaking out due to intense stress. People also love listening to music when they exercise; they listen to fast-tempo music to keep their heart rate stable. My point is music has an effect or is a determining factor on human performance. In this report, I’ll be focusing in three aspects of the human performance and how music affects them, which may be positively or negatively. These three aspects are Physical, Cognitive, and Emotional.
Main points
Physically, music positively affects human performance. When in an intense workout, music covers or drowns out the brain’s cries of fatigue. The muscles will send signals to the brain that it is tired and wants to stop, but music will try to cover out those signals. Listening to music keeps one’s mind from tiredness or fatigue. Listening to music not only keeps one’s mind from the pain of exercise, but also helps use one’s energy efficiently. A study showed that cyclists who listen to music require 7% less oxygen than those who cycled in silence. Pain tolerance increases when one listens to their favorite music. Individuals were asked to put their hand in freezing water, and researchers discovered that those who are listening to their favorite music have an increase in pain tolerance. The type of music didn’t matter as much as the individual’s affinity for the music they...

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