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Effect of Unemployment

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AUGUST, 2012.



ii APPROVAL PAGE I certify that this research work was carried out by DurosinmiTemidayo .O. Reg .No. EC/2008/622, of the Department of economics, Faculty of Management and social sciences; Caritas University Amorji-Nike Emene Enugu State.



-------------------------------ONWUDINJO,P.C Head of Department


-------------------------------PROF.CHARLES Dean of Faculty UMEH


--------------------------------External Examiner


iii DEDICATION I dedicate this work to God Almighty, to my loving parents BARR and MRS O.A DUROSINMI for all their support thought out the pursuit of my academic careers. I also extend my dedication to my Uncle Engr. T,A DUROSINMI for his fatherly support, and to my siblings. I love you all.

iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENT My in depth gratitude goes to God Almighty for His blessings in my life. I am grateful for his endless love, protection, guidance, grace and showers of blessings upon me and my family. My sincere appreciation goes to my parents Barr.and Mrs OlatoyeAdioDurosinmi for their love, care, prayers, advice, understanding, moral and financial support. I also appreciate my...

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