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International Journal of Social and Management Sciences
Volume 2 Number 2 April 2009

ISSN 1504-8446

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The study investigated the effects of inquiry-based and competitive learning strategies on academic performance of students’ in physics. Quasi-experimental design was adopted for the study. A purposive sampling technique was used to select 2 schools out of 13-co-educational secondary schools in

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...Effects of Having a Relationship on Academic Performance of Students In: English and Literature Effects of Having a Relationship on Academic Performance of Students Introduction Entering a new environment makes us feel curious, excited, afraid, nervous, and many other more. Just like entering college, it’s like entering a new chapter of our lives. One may feel excited in meeting new classmates and friends; others may feel afraid of committing a mistake, might feel nervous of meeting the instructors or professors , and may feel curious of seeing and discovering this out of his new environment. Studying is fun and exciting. This will be more interesting if we are working together with the ones who understands us and to whom we are comfortable with. This is what we called friends. This group of people may bring a positive and negative effect on us; it might also help or destruct on our studies. The effect will just be depending on how we will react and respond to what is happening around us. Friends are sometimes the ones who bring the curiousness out within us. They are the ones who usually let us try and discover things out for the first time. And out of this curiousness, one may find how it feels to have this kind of special someone on his side whenever he needs it.  Since studying is also stressful and tiring, we also wants to feel relax and stress free for some time. We wanted to have a moment where we can feel happy and loved. So, one may ought to find special someone...

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...Negative Effects of Television Television is the most famous media communication in the world. Almost all people use television with many kinds of purposes such as entertainment. In addition, television brings a good side for children to gain various knowledge outside of school. However, some parents claim that television brings many negative effects toward their children. Based on my experience, I agree with that statement. First of all, television can make a big wall among family member relationships. For instance, when children are addicted to watching television, they will feel lazy to do anything such as eating, sleeping, etc. Even when one of the family members tries to make a conversation, they will answer back as simple as possible. Thus, this kind of attitude would cause a bad effect to relationships among family members. Secondly; now days, there are many action movies shown either via theaters or vie television. Even though it is much fun, but secretly, it makes a new shape of attitude for children. For example, if children often watching action movies, in the future, their responses for everything will be full of rude moves. Therefore, it is hard for children to make a good relationship around them. Lastly, every scene of movie might give a bad influence to children. For example, there is a movie which tells the audience about an alcoholic’s life. In that case, it is possible for children to drink alcohol at such a young age. In summary...

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...Bullwhip effect refers to a scenario which arises due to change in consumer demand thereby affecting the companies in the supply chain to order more or less goods to meet the current demand in the market. It may also be viewed as a trend of bigger and bigger oscillations of inventory in relation to the change in demand from the consumers as one looks at the supply chain from the retailer way back to the raw material source. The variability of the demand determines the size of the loop in the various stages of the supply chain with largest swing observed at manufacturer and raw material stages. There are several factors which causes the bullwhip effects. First is the inadequate communication between the parties in the supply chain. This hinders the process to run smoothly since the inventory department views the demand of a product differently within the supply chain links and order different quantities. This makes the prediction of the demand difficult unless communication is improved. Second is ordering the commodities in batches. Companies often accumulate orders before ordering for goods. This forms variability in the demands because at times they order large quantities and the other times low quantities depending on the market hence creating bullwhip effect. Third is the information of demand the company have. The companies in the supply chain depend on the historical data to predict the future demand. They may fail to take into consideration the variations of demand...

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...EFFECTS/ TECHNOLOGIES Effects of Todays Technologies Lisa Newman University of phoenix It seems like nowaday, technology is taking over the everyday lives of american. Technology such as computers, i pads, i phones, video games, and many other ones that companies has came out with in the last several years is really having a negative effect on our society. Children are staying in their rooms after school and playing video games rather than going out and socializing with others that are their age. When it comes to having a family meal and getting to tell your family how your day was, families are now watching television as they eat or on their cell phones at the dinner table, Another way that technology has had an effect on society is through the weight problem. Instead of getting out and getting just a little exercise a day, individuals would rather sit in front of a computer screen or video game just exercising their thumbs, fingers, and wrist. These are just a few examples of how new technology is have a negative effect on our society. Families today are spending more time on their new technology devices then they do with each other. Even if it is spending time in the living room, members of the family are paying more attention to the television then they are to each other. Parents and children spend more time on the internet then they do getting to know what is going on each others...

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...Gas Prices have many different effects in our society the effect it have is mostly negative. Everyday our lives depend on gas, when we are going to school, work or just going out for leisure time. The effect of gas are very affecting in our lives because of many ways gas is used in. There are many different negative effects of rising gas prices families will cut back on vacations or people may take different ways of transportation such as bus or train. People that were born after the 90s the gas prices might not seem like a big deal to them because though out the years is always raised up people became used to it . During the early 60’s gas prices were very very cheap. Gas prices back in those days were only about 30 cents a gallon. Then over the decade it raised only five cents more. Then in the 80s the gas crisis bumped the price of gas up $1.30. The major problem gas prices are so high are because the prices placed on crude oil. This ties into taxes other financial problems causes the gas prices to go up so fast. In reality gas is like a business as it runs as the idea as supply and demand. The price of the oil is up to investors if they feel if gas goes higher they bid to a higher point. If they bid high we pay a higher prices at the pump. During the times of summer and spring it become a rise in gas prices. This is due to people making frequent trips over the summer and the gas prices are going to go up. Gas prices can be affected by a whole...

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...Child violence is a topic which has exposed itself tremendously with both causes and effects; causes being, poor parenting, environment and exposure, and effects including depression, difficulties in school and criminal behavior. Most people try not to address poor parenting because it can be a very sensitive topic but, it is very important and lack of conversation or teaching can become an issue. We have all been somewhere and witness a child misbehaving and the parent not reprimanding their child. We have also heard stories of how a child may be being abused or witnessing abuse by a parent, guardian or loved one. A child being bullied or rough housing with siblings may also become an issue. Cursing and fighting around a child can leave a negative impression on them. These are all examples of poor parenting that could potentially be the cause of child violence. Environment and exposure also plays a major role in a child’s aggression. Where a child lives, attends school, and plays all have an impact on behavior. Children adopt habits from many different things. If a child lives in a home or neighborhood that is violent, chances are they may begin to act the same. Especially witnessing domestic abuse. What a child watches on TV, sees on the internet and video games may have an effect. While attending school and playing with other children an adolescent may face violence. Having witnessed children that have received proper parenting and discipline at home and attended a school...

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...Effects of Divorce on Kids Molly Rudkin Sociology 1113 Sec. 16 Years ago in the 1950s divorces were frowned upon. Very rarely did people hear about a couple getting a divorced. Many people considered divorce as a mark of personal failure. As years have gone by and society has changed in many different ways, divorce has become socially accepted in today’s society. Divorce is no longer considered a taboo. With divorce, different people are affected by it. Obviously the family members are the ones affected the most by this decision. But one group of family members that will always be affected, especially in the long run, are the kids. There are many causes of divorce today. There’s the fact that individualism is increasing and becoming a trend. Many people are so use to being on their own that when they have someone else in their lives that they also have to take care of, they’re not use to the adjustment (Society the Basics, pg. 386). Especially with the rise of independence women now have in today’s society, they no longer need a man to depend on. Women are more independent and are now able to support themselves. With the rise of women independency, divorces are now happening due to this. Some men aren’t use to being married to a dominant woman. Divorces involving children usually affect the child more than most people think. The kids are always at crossroads when it comes to making decisions involving parents. They feel like they are torn in two. “By not taking sides...

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...Addiction is one who becomes psychologically dependent on a habit-forming-activity. People with an addiction do not have the control over what they are actually doing, taking or using. Addictions not only include physical things we consume, such as alcohol or drugs; it may include virtually anything around us; it comes in many form and one of them is that of movies. Movies cause addiction. Why do we say so? In this modernization society, youths tend to watch movies for solace when they feel stressed and pressured; they can get temporary emotional relief while watching it. However, the addiction of movies can be expensive if we go to mall or theatres. Money is not only spent on movie tickets, yet they also need to pay for other expenses like petrol fees, parking fees, and of tit-bits. Youths should learn how to spend wisely as they are not earning these money by their own, and they should have spend these money on something that can benefits more to them such as buying reference books. Moreover, addiction to movies can also affect youth’s mental and physical health. When they are addicted to movies, they will start paying attention on every new movie they are interested to; their main concerns become the release date of the movie, the booking, the trailers, and so on. Watching movie without tit-bits is meaningless, and that they will eat those unhealthy foods that may harm their health. When they having addiction on movies, they are neglecting exercise; regular exercise...

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...English Word count: 611 Cause and Effect: Losing a Job Having a job is one of the reasons for a person to be stabilized, especially when you are having or planning for a family. When you have a job, you make money that can be used for your needs, also to provide for your spouse and for your whole family. The effects of losing a job can affect the whole family. What would be effects of losing a job to you and your family? The loss of income, inability to pay rent, and academic trouble for the children. In many families the parents are the providers for the household, in single families it’s the single parent who provides. Loss of a job is another thing for unemployment and their loss of income. Most families turn to draw out unemployment checks, to help provide and pay bills. Also, many families tend to ask for food stamps to help put food in their homes to eat. The loss of a job can become a struggle to the families’ simple essentials in life. Parents, struggle to make it after a loss of a job. Also, as a parent you should always have money saved up in case of an emergency or a crisis like this one. This is another cause for financial problems, within the home. This may lead to separation or divorce within the home because the other spouse has too much pressure on them. Another problem, which may occur within the home, is the inability to pay rent. This is caused by not having money or yet enough to pay for your rent. You begin to struggle to find money and ask others...

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...Good morning I’M Nada Ali I’M here to talk about something I have experienced and felt the effect of and until now I’m trying to heel from . I’m not a former patient of cancer but I believe that I’m on of media victims. Of course there are a lot of positive and negative effects of media. And most of times media affect us in subconsciously way and it can change our thoughts, believes, attitudes actually it affects us deeply Of course we all know what is media and every one of us expose every day for different kind of media whether it’s a commercials o billboards o magazines all this media influence people and it has some positive effects like making us aware of what is happening around us also a lot of commercials are to help people who are homeless, or live their lives in poverty . But on the other hand one of the common negative effect of media would be the body image . a lot of commercials s. seem harmless , but actually , they are one of the main reasons the most people don’t feel comfortable with the way they look . Teenagers and women generally tend to be affected by commercials which show the models as the skinniest person on the earth wearing a fake smile look happy. so when women and teenagers see this images they say okay she is happy she is skinny so in order to be happy and feel wanted I must be like her while the models actually are not happy as they seems to be . A majority of the models shown on television and advertisement are bellow what considered healthy...

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...What is affected by closing schools? AIU Online Abstract The consequences of closing schools effects families, teachers, and communities. Misty will explain the effects of schools closing. The effects can be hard on some families and communities. What is affected by closing schools? Closing schools affect families in many ways in one case a charter school closed with only 10 weeks of school left. This school was the George Town, Del charter school. This left the families of this school with a decision on what to do and where to send their children. The transition to others schools or learning environments can be even tougher on the children (Sack,Joetta L,Education week 02774232, 2002,vol 21 issue 38). Families have to make decisions on whether to send their children to a public school or to a private school. The consequences of closing schools do not just affect parents and children it also affects the teachers. A teacher will have to find a new job teaching at a new school. He or she may also have to move in order to have that new job. When a school closes it also affects the communities. The community day care centers, recreational group, and busing route around will be affected. and boundaries will have to be redrawn around surviving school(Shepperd, Robert, Maclean’s, 00249262, 11/09/98 vol. 111...

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...English 100, Section 6 Unexpected Success, Unexpected Effects In the profile “Rural Idaho Town Seeks to Turn Film’s Cult Status into Prosperity” by Laura Holson, she shows the impact that a movie can have on a town. The movie is Napoleon Dynamite, and the town is Preston, Idaho. Throughout this profile, Holson tells the reader about a Napoleon Dynamite festival held in the small Idaho town the movie was filmed in. Some examples are given as to the events held at the festival such as the Napoleon look-alike contest, or the tater tot eating contest. Many of these contests and activities help people bring out their so called, “inner Napoleon” (Holson 162). Holson is able to illustrate the impact the Napoleon Dynamite festival had on the town and the people of Preston, while organizing the piece effectively. One point that is addressed by Holson is how the town is affected by the Napoleon Dynamite festival. The title addresses this point when she says the “rural Idaho town” (Holson 161). After her short story about the festival, Holson immediately jumps into how the town is effected. Holson states that “more than 300 people traveled from as far away as California and Connecticut for the chance to embrace their own inner Napoleon” (Holson 162). She also gives another example of how a movie can impact a town. Holson mentions Field of Dreams, which turned a small town in Iowa to someplace that is visited by over 65,000 people a year. Holson continues to show how the...

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