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Imagination or Reality Children's viewing of violent TV shows, their identification with aggressive same-sex TV characters, and their perceptions that TV violence is realistic are all linked to later aggression as young adults, for both males and females. “That is the conclusion of a 15-year longitudinal study of 329 youth published in the March issue of Developmental Psychology, a journal of the American Psychological Association (APA)” . These findings hold true for any child from any family, regardless of the child's initial aggression levels, their intellectual capabilities, their social status as measured by their parents' education or occupation, their parents' aggressiveness, or the mother's and father's parenting style. Violent shows for children and teens are far too common. Aggression can begin from constantly seeing these violent images. AMC’s The Walking Dead (2010-present is the most watched show in cable television history, according to the number of views. This television show is all about zombies , or walkers as they call them in the show. A serial about a handful of humans struggling to survive in a world infested with lifeless walking bodies. The recently dead awaken with an inborn and insatiable craving for any type of flesh, if it smells alive they crave it, including human flesh. Their cannibalism is contagious, the people who get bit by the zombies turn into one of them. So it begins an exponential spread of the zombie plague and the collapse of their society. The few uninfected persons join to form a defensive cliques or they too get infected. The Walking Dead novel and series has a siple catch: it is an open-ended story. It never ends. As the story unfolds, just like the original comic series, the scene begins in the center of a small town. Sheriff deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who awakens from a coma and sets off to locate his family. Rick’s life, during this awful zombie apocalypse, unfold as if it is a soap opera of disaster. From the love triangle that Rick’s wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), had with his best friend Shane (Jon Bernthal), who thought Rick was a dead man, through the near-death experience of his son Carl (Chandler Riggs) to Lori’s most recent pregnancy and death in childbirth. This edge-of-you-seat drama where the survivors struggles are intensified. The series explores the change the lives of people, who are coming to the realization that those who survive can sometimes be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth. The survivors themselves have become the walking dead. Rick awakes in an empty hospital, and is on the search for his wife and son (Lori and Cal). After meeting a man and his son, he comes to find out his wife and son fled to Atlanta, where they have created a quarantine zone for the uninfected. Rick’s best friend helped Carl and Lori survive, they were living in a camp set up with a few other survivors. They meet a surviving doctor who knows a bit more about the virus, but he does not have the cure. The doctor assumes there will be no cure and decides to commit suicide and incinerates his building. Rick’s group barely was able to escape the building before it began shutting down and blowing up into flames. After escaping the group sets out to find the nearest military base, the interstate was filled of empty cars, making it hard for them to use their car to get through. Walkers start coming toward the group, Sophia, Carol’s daughter, runs into the forest. While Rick’s group was looking for Sophia, Carl gets shot by a hunter names Otis. Luckily Otis has a boss who is a veterinarian, Hershel. Rick’s group moves into Hershel’s farm, while their search for Sophia, Daryl was very persistent on his search for her. Hershel did not want Rick’s group on the farm. While tensions grow on the farm, Lori finds out she is pregnant and she is unsure whether the father is Rick or Shane. Her pregnancy worries Rick so he wants to stay on the farm. Later Glenn (who helped Rick escape from Atlanta) finds that Hershel’s barn is infested with walkers. After a heated debated between Shane and Hershel, Shane releases all the walkers from the barn so they can put them down. The group sees a walker that is Sophia. Rick does what he has to, and shoots her in the head. Hershel shook-up up from the big ordeal goes to a abandoned tavern to drink. Glenn (now in a relationship with Hershel’s daughter Maggie) and Rick go to retrieve Hershel and make sure he is safe. They run into un trustworthy scavengers. After the shoot out they see one of the members were wounded, Randall, and Rick takes him back to the farm. As Randall was healing Dale gets attacked by a walker, so Daryl had to shoot him in the head so he wouldn’t turn. The group is indecisive about letting Randall go, they felt he couldn’t be trusted. Shane decides to take the matters in his own hands and go behind the groups back. Shane took Randall out into the forest and when he least expected it Shane broke his neck. Shane uses Randall’s disappearance to lure Rick into the woods, so he can take Rick’s life as well. Rick confronts Shane about it and Shane was going to attack, so Rick stabbed and killed Shane. when Shane came back to life, Carl shot him down. The series is filled with huge cast of contrasting personality types, which is a great technique for diverging story lines and character arcs. Audiences invest easily emotionally in the survivals or characters (or, even, root for one’s death). These series lack stand-alone zombie films, where the story ends within two hours. Viewer attachments to the show’s character can be very strong. When the eldest of the clique, Dale Horvath (Jeffrey DeMunn), died in season two, publications like the Los Angeles Times eulogized the character, as did fans on the message boards devoted to the series. The executive producer Gale Anne Hurd had reveals that she receives death threats from the audience when a popular character gets killed off. in one of the best-known examples of hostile fans, actor Laurie Holden got death threats as well after her character shot at Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), one of the most popular figures in the television series. Holden and Reedus together had to remind the audience that they are actors playing their roles. Results show that men who were high TV-violence viewers as children were significantly more likely to have pushed, grabbed or shoved their spouses, to have responded to an insult by shoving a person, to have been convicted of a crime and to have committed a moving traffic violation. Such men, for example, had been convicted of crimes at over three times the rate of other men. They may not notice it while they are young but later in the years it sure does affect them. Children often behave differently after they've been watching violent programs on television. Children who watched violent shows were more likely to strike out at playmates, argue, disobey authority and were less willing to wait for things that children who watched nonviolent programs. There should be more caution into what children get exposed to. There are several ways to limit the about of drugs, sex, and violence you child should see. Children are like sponges so they take in all types of new information. Not all information is for children. These violent television shows teach kids a lot of bad things. They are very negative shows. Its also hard for children to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Children should not be exposed to so many negative thoughts, they should be around more positive things.

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