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Effectice Study Skills Are the Sole Foundation of a Sound Education

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Effective study skills are the sole foundation of a sound education
In the United States, educational and academic standards have risen and with that so has the expectation of students. However, American society questions whether or not their students have the adequate study skills to prepare for education in relation to the school sector. A survey conducted by the American School Counselor Association and Sylvan Learning Centers found that 60% of pupils are not prepared for study and also 70% report that teachers feel that students have substandard study skills USA TODAY (2000). Gettinger and Seibert (2002) reiterate that study skills are essential to any academic subject and successful outcomes are achieved by a wide variety of students employing them. By having the appropriate knowledge and applying effective study skills thereafter, the results are more likely to be favourable. Paradoxically, students may go through school with a sound level of a knowledge but experience difficulties due to not having the right study skills Nicaise and Gettinger (1995). Muchnick (2011) concludes that the application of time management skills are an important tool in the student's armory and mastering them is a worthwhile skill. Even though these skills are found in business practice, they are appropriate to the area of study. Rob Barnes (1995) again agrees that time management is a valuable experience for students of higher education, a skill that future employers look upon with importance. He goes further by saying that by breaking it into manageable chunks, it makes future planning uncomplicated. By prioritizing tasks, students can eliminate routines that are not important and bring to the foreground the responsibilities that require more attention. Allgood, Risko and Alvarez (2000) use the term 'Self regulated learners' and state these individuals process the right...

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